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Smile Gallery

Welcome to our Photo Gallery.  The photos below are actual cases of ours which display a variety of techniques we have used to enhance, correct and preserve our patients' teeth and smiles.

Examples range from conservative bonding to extensive reconstruction.

We work with each individual patient to choose a course of treatment best suited to their dental needs and desires.  We are happy to do minor, natural-looking enhancements as well as more comprehensive smile makeovers.

Before: Tetracycline Staining

Treatment: Veneers


Before: Broken and Stained Teeth

Treatment: Veneers


Before: Fractured Anterior Teeth

Treatment: Conservative Bonding


Before: Old Crowns and Missing Teeth

Treatment: New Bridge


Before: Fractured and Stained Teeth

 Treatment: Front Crowns and Conservative Bonding

Before: Old Crowns and Broken Teeth

Tretment: New Crowns and Veneers

Before: Gaps and Other Smile Problems

Treatment: Conservative Bonding

Before: Implants Replacing Missing Lateral Incisors

Intermediate Treatment: Custom Abutments Over Which Crowns Are Placed

Treatment: Final Crowns